What is Quextit?
Quextit is a new kind of Q&A service where you get to decide who answers your question. We believe that the best answers come from the right people and we give you the power to define exactly who the right people are.

You are the Category - Unlike other Q&A sites that present you with a myriad of categories (like politics, dating and jobs), on Quextit, you are the Category. Your age, gender, ethnicity, language, marital status, education, job and location define a category that others are searching for right now.

Instantaneously Social & Mobile - Integrated on the Twitter and Facebook platform, Quextit allows you to instantly tap the collective widsom of your Followers and Friends, along with any CATEGORY of people from the rest the world! Quextit works with mobile Twitter, allowing you to satisfy your every curiosity from virtually anywhere on your smartphone.